Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A little of this and a little of that

Today was a great day. I visited a friend who works part-time at home finishing outfits for premature (preemies) babies. What fun to see how the tiny outfits a finished with a serger. Since I am on a leave-of-absence from my regular part-time job, I may see if I can "fill the gaps" by working at home. I recently purchased a used serger and am learning how to use it.

I finally got my tubby-hubby out of the house. His back causes constant pain so it's hard to get him to do much walking, but we headed for a city park with a lake for fishing. It seems to do him a lot of good just to get out by water, trees and birds, with the joy of fishing tossed in.

The fish weren't very interested in being caught today, but we spent 2-3 hours walking, sitting in the shade on our collapsable chairs and watching/listening to the birds.

On the way home we visited a large sporting goods store we hadn't been in before today. I decided to buy my tubby-hubby a fishing vest that would actually be large enough to zip. That will do for his birthday/anniversary gift. Who would have thought we would make it 49 years? Most people were betting on about six months before we split. It is very satisfying to know that we beat the odds. We have both been able to get along for almost 50 years.


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This is great, Mom! I love it.

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